Auburn Presbyterian Church

1322 19th Street

Auburn First United Presbyterian Church
1322 19th Street
Auburn, NE. 68305
(402) 274-3531

Interim Pastor: Penny Schulz

We Invite You to Join Us for Worship

Sunday Morning Worship at 11:00 A.M.


On behalf of all those who gather to worship, pray, fellowship, celebrate, and serve as First Presbyterian Church in Auburn, NE, Welcome!

Whether you are a first time visitor to our site, a sojourner, or a constant companion of our community of faith,

Whether you are new to Auburn and Nemaha County, or are searching for a new family-of-faith, or are already at home and are just checking in,

Whether you are a lifelong Presbyterian, a recent addition to our tradition, or are new to this particular way of being the church,

Whether your faith is mighty or if your faith is wavering,

Whoever you are and in whatever story you find yourself, you are welcome here.

To demonstrate one small piece of the hospitality we hope to offer, we have established a presence on the World Wide Web so that wherever you are along this journey of life, you can always visit us at this site; you can always discover what it is that we believe, why and what we are resolved to do about it; you can always find that we hope to be for you a home to come home to.

Enjoy your visit; let us know how we can be of help; locate our email address and send us a note; inform us of a concern or a celebration for which we can offer a prayer; and return often.

We give thanks to God for you.